Leadership Team

The JDog leadership team is comprised of individuals who live by the values of Respect, Integrity, and Trust. Learn about the unique assets and backgrounds they bring to the JDog brand and how they support our franchise business owners.

Jerry Flanagan

Jerry Flanagan

President, CEO, Co-Founder

Jerry is an Army Veteran and entrepreneur who, along with his wife Tracy, have created a national Veteran brand dedicated to empowering Veterans through entrepreneurship. Rooted in the military values of respect, integrity, and trust, the JDog Junk Removal franchise system has become a nationwide movement, creating business and employment opportunities for Veterans and Veteran family members.

Jerry launched the first JDog Junk Removal franchise in 2011. It was a two-person operation – Jerry hauled junk and Tracy managed the back office. As a Veteran, Jerry gained trust and credibility with customers quickly, and referrals came easy. Within a year, he had more business than one person could handle and began hiring local Veterans who embodied the brand’s values.

Through Jerry’s vision and leadership, JDog Junk Removal has since grown to more than 500 territories with 130 active locations, 90 percent of which are Veteran owned. To date, the company has created more than 1,000 job opportunities across the United States.

Jerry served in the Army from 1987 to 1989 and finished at the top of his class. He was awarded the Army Achievement Medal.

Since transitioning back to the civilian world, Jerry has committed himself to helping Veterans be successful in business. He teaches an entrepreneurial boot camp for Veterans at St. Joseph’s University, and at Boots to Business for Veterans, an entrepreneurial program offered through the U.S. Small Business Administration. He’s a member of the West Point Society of Philadelphia, the International Franchise Association, and VETFRAN, which provides access and opportunities in franchising to Veterans and their spouses.

Jerry also founded the JDog Foundation, which donates scholarship funds to military branches.

For his contributions to the Veteran community, Jerry has been awarded the 2016 Vetrepreneur of the Year award from the National Veteran-Owned Business Association and the 2016 Man of the Year award from Philly/Jersey Man Magazine.

Jerry is also a board member at JD Investment Company.

Tracy Flanagan

Tracy Flanagan

Senior Vice President, Co-Founder

Tracy co-founded JDog with her husband, Jerry, and has spent the last seven years helping to grow the business into a national Veteran brand. She leads the company’s workforce development initiatives, including a strategic relationship with the Veteran Administration’s Compensated Work Therapy Program. Through these programs, Tracy connects JDog Junk Removal franchise owners with resources to grow their workforce and support other Veterans seeking job opportunities as they transition back to the civilian world. She also leads the JDog training program on culture and customer service, ensuring the values of respect, integrity, and trust are ingrained within every JDog Junk Removal franchise and franchise owner.

As a Veteran spouse and family member, Tracy is a valuable and trusted mentor to the JDog Junk Removal spouses. She founded and heads up JDog Spouses, a support community that provides advice, resources, and other ways to balance family while growing a JDog Junk Removal business.

Tracy is also a sought-after speaker on the topics of Veteran entrepreneurship, women’s entrepreneurship, and Veteran hiring and employment.

Tracy is the founder and choreographer of Divine Dance Ensemble, a liturgical dance group that performs in church and community events. She also serves as Co-Chair of the Worship Committee at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Berwyn.

Kevin Kopa

Kevin Kopa

Vice President of Operations

Kevin brings 10+ years of leadership and operations experience to his role at JDog. He is responsible for the operational strategy of the company and all franchisees. This includes helping a franchise prospect select and define a territory; implement technologies, systems, and support for all aspects of the business; negotiate contracts with preferred vendors and suppliers; measure results; and create and nurture a culture invested in continuous improvement.

Kevin served as a Squad Leader in the Marine Corps Infantry for six years, overseeing the training, health, and daily operations of his unit at home and during two deployments to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in Professional Studies from West Chester University.

Dana Forester

Dana Forester

Director of Operations

Combining military service and private sector experience, Dana is uniquely positioned to help JDog Junk Removal franchisees jump start their businesses. She designed and leads JDog’s training programs and serves as the day-to-day contact for all JDog Junk Removal business owners as they prepare to launch their business. She continues to work with franchisees after they have opened, providing operational support and advising them on marketing, management, and growth strategies.

Dana belongs to a very small community of women who have served as a Munitions Systems Specialist, a predominantly male field. She was honorably discharged from the Air Force after four years of service, during which she served under the historic 8th Air Force Headquarters, 2nd Bomb Wing at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, LA and at the 52nd Fighter Wing on Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany.

Dana comes from a strong legacy of military service. Most notably, her uncle, Ken Baldwin, served as an Army Paratrooper in WWII in the 101st Airborne, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Easy Company, and was an original member of the ‘Band of Brothers.’

Andrew Colket

Andrew Colket

Director of Sales

A former U.S. Army cavalry scout, Andrew is responsible for identifying new JDog Junk Removal franchise owners and growing the brand nationwide. His passion for helping Veterans successfully transition back to the civilian world through business, entrepreneurship, and networking is evidenced through his work at JDog and experiences in government, university administration, and non-profits.

Andrew served as a member of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard for nine years, and in that time completed deployments to Ramadi, Iraq and Sinai, Egypt. Following an honorable discharge, Andrew worked for the U.S. House of Representatives, and later co-founded the Veterans Entrepreneurial Jumpstart program with Ralph Galati. He also helped to bring the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities program to Saint Joseph’s University.

Andrew currently serves on the board of directors for The Veterans Group, a Philadelphia-based non-profit focused on helping homeless veterans.

Chris Debbas

Chris Debbas


Chris is committed to helping talented CEOs and entrepreneurs build businesses that have sustainable competitive advantages through scale, execution, or strategic position. He joined JDog in 2014 to create opportunities for equity value and meaningful business ownership for Veterans. Chris brings a long track record of management and private equity experience across numerous industries including aviation, automotive, information technology, health care, accounts receivable management, customer relationship management, distribution, records management, and market research. Chris shares his leading edge expertise with new franchises in JDog training sessions on marketing and branding strategies.

Chris is also the co-founder and Senior Partner of Julip Run Capital, LLC, a private equity and management firm based in suburban Philadelphia.

Chris earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from St. Joseph’s University.

James “Jimmy” Griffiths

James “Jimmy” Griffiths

Chief Financial Officer

Drawing from more than 20 years of experience in finance and accounting, financial advisory, mergers and acquisitions, and operations, Jimmy sets the financial direction for JDog. He develops strategies to drive sustained, profitable growth, oversees the allocation of resources, and effectively manages risk through financial discipline. Jimmy applies his experience and skills to empower Veterans and Veteran family members through meaningful business ownership.

Jimmy is also the co-founder and Managing Partner of Julip Run Capital, LLC, a private equity and management firm based in suburban Philadelphia. During his career, he has helped companies raise more than $900 million in capital.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Rhodes College in Memphis.